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Promo: Free Firewall

PROMO: Free Firewall

Secure your network with FortiGate 40F or Meraki MX67 – the experts in network security and reliability. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fortify your network defenses. Get a free firewall with a 3-year commitment!

Unleash the Power of Protection with a free Firewall. Are you tired of constantly worrying about the safety and security of your digital environment and business? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Introducing our exclusive limited-time offer: Get a FREE Firewall* to fortify your online presence and business reliability. Say goodbye to cyber threats, data breaches, and sleepless nights. CloudScale365 is on a mission to create a safer place for all its customers and their teams.

What you get:

  • Advanced EDR and MDR capabilities
  • AI-Powered Security to Prevent Threats
  • Reduce Risk and Protect Your Business
  • Get Superior Visibility
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Automated Threat Remediation
  • Endpoint Hardening and Prevention
  • Hidden Threat Identification
  • Guarantee your data is protected

*The promotion is limited to 50 connections and comes with a 3-year premium support. You get one of the following products: FortiGate 40F or Cisco Meraki.


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    Whether you’re a small business or a medium businessiness, having a firewall on place is a great enhancement of your security. The free firewall solution provides state-of-the-art threat protection, easy deployment, and comprehensive analytics. Secure your network with proven products and fortify your defenses today for reliable, high-performance network security.

    The Cisco Meraki MX is a multifunctional security and SD-WAN enterprise
    appliance with a wide set of capabilities to address multiple use cases—from an
    all-in-one device. Organizations of all sizes and across all industries rely on the
    MX to deliver secure connectivity to hub locations or multi-cloud environments, as
    well as application quality of experience (QoE), through advanced analytics with
    machine learning.
    The MX is 100% cloud-managed, so installation and remote management is truly
    zero touch, making it ideal for distributed branches, campuses, and data center

    The FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall 40F series is ideal for building security-driven networks at distributed enterprise sites and transforming WAN architecture at any scale. With a rich set of AI/ML-based FortiGuard security services and our integrated Security Fabric platform, the it delivers coordinated, automated, end-to-end тhreat protection across all use cases.

    FortiGate 40F automatically controls, verifies, and facilitates user access to applications, delivering consistency with a seamless and optimized user experience. Leader for both Network Firewalls and SD-WAN.